Truck Tailgate Paintless Dent Repair, San Bruno. – YouTube

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Here we go another ride along. I’ve got a Toyota Highlander front fender dent that I have to… Don’t forget, hit that like button down below. Here we’ve got a dent on the fender on a Toyota Highlander that needs paintless dent repair, I think this is a 2018, and this dent pressed in a good amount. The dent traveled all the way up there and all the way down here. So it kind of dips down like this and I’ve got to smash this crown down, bring it nice and flat all the way to the body line, duplicate this body line, and then clean up this whole area here. I haven’t even figured out how much it’s going to cost. I still got to measure it and put it into the app and the app kind of spits on my price, but I still got to figure all that stuff out.

All right. So it’s moving along. I’m not even done yet performing all of the paintless dent repair, but I got the bulk of it. So remember this top part here? Now I got all these little ripples going on. I’m going to get rid of all that, I’m going to clean it all up. See, there you go. Look at that. Not a worry. This I’m a little bit worried about. I’m still not done. I really haven’t focused too much attention down there yet, but a little bit stressful, but this is moving along.

I had to work into the night and bugs, it’s cold, got my super winter hat on. Anyway, I finished this. I couldn’t leave until I was finished doing all of the paintless dent repair on the fender. I could always come back tomorrow, but I don’t want to do that I just wanted to finish it tonight. So I called my wife, told her, “Hey, I’m to be late. I got to finish this job.” It came out good. This thing came out really good. I just wanted to make sure it was just right.