A customer called me to ask about mobile dent repair or PDR (paintless dent removal) for a small dent or door ding that happened to his car. I went to his work to fix the small dent on the Audi A6 right-front door panel. I took a “before” mobile dent repair or PDR and “after” mobile dent repair or PDR picture. I made it out there to his work on the same day that it happened and he drove home “dent free” thanks to mobile dent repair or PDR. Another satisfied customer.
This is a very common thing that happens to cars and trucks all the time. Especially those “compact” parking spaces. A lot of times people don’t know it even happened while they were away from the vehicle. They sometimes only notice it later while the vehicle is in a different light or after it is cleaned.

Every time I go looking for a parking spot I tend to look for something that is not too tight. I’ll even park far away and walk a small distance just to make sure it doesn’t happen to my car. One thing to watch out for also is older cars or trucks. These owners tend not to care so much about other cars and could possibly swing open their door without a care in the world (ouch). How about windy days, this is when my phone starts ringing frequently. One could have the best intentions and still have the wind swing open a door very hard.

So lets talk about this dent a little more and the mobile dent repair or PDR performed on this Audi. This dent was very low down towards the bottom of the door which would require some extra tools and extra skills. What I did was slide a tool down from the top of the door along the glass and search for the dent. If I wasn’t able to get the tool down there, then the customer and I would have to have a conversation about me drilling a hole in the side of the door in order to reach it. I would NEVER drill a hole without asking permission from the customer first. IF a hole is drilled, it is covered up with a factory rubber or plastic plug. In this case, We did not have to drill a hole.

Thanks to mobile dent repair or PDR, this car did not have to go to the body shop for repair and repaint while waiting for a week or more.