BMW M4 CS, dent removal San Francisco. – YouTube

How’s it going? So on today’s Paintless Dent Repair ride along we got a BMW M4. A unique vehicle. They only made… is it 250 of these things? A M4 CS and I guess he got sideswiped.

All right, check this out. This is the M4 CS version. I’m doing a dent on this car. I just want to show you guys. It’s a bad ass car. Look at this. Carbon fiber hood, look at that. That looks so cool. Check out this interior. Looks like a total race car. The door handle. Look at this material. It’s a trip.

Slightest ripple this customer house in this fender. It’s not much. It’s not much. There’s just a little ripple going on there. So the dent comes out here, but it scoops in down there and on the other side of this it scoops in down there. Sorry, we got a big truck went by, but it’s actually two different dents that I have to perform Paintless Dent Repair on .

Here we go. Here’s the finished product. So the dent was through here and this thing came out really, really good using the Paintless Dent Repair method. Now, I underestimated it, it actually hit and it caused it to bow up here a little bit and I couldn’t see that until I was in there working it, working it and concentrating on this metal so much that I started to realize that there was a, what we call a crown. Bowed up this way and it was affecting this whole thing. So I had to work on that a little bit and I got it to relax some. This is the parking I’m dealing with in San Francisco, man. I got to double park. I put some cones up. See that. It sucks.

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