I saw pictures.

Welcome to my ride-a-long.

Here’s an interesting one. I got a call about a shopping cart that hit the car and the customer says it’s not that big, but I saw pictures. It’s pretty big. A shopping cart, like this big. It hit the car and ran. Man, it looked pretty deep. So, let’s go check it out in person and see what we could do. Bye.

This is my big dent today. Ouch. What the hell? How the hell? See if I can get this baby out, I don’t even know. Damn, shopping cart. This is what you call exploring before I do the Dent Repair. So, I’m doing all kinds of crazy angles here for this dent repair. Got all my glue set up here, on top of the car. We’re going to do some glue pulling here, and took out the tail light so that I can explore through there, which is all braced up. I can’t get anything up to that direction, which sucks because that would be ideal, the leverage I can create. I was kind of lucky up in here, and I found a factory hole, so I got a tool on there, which I could do some tooling later, but right now, I’m going to start glue pulling this monster dent repair out, see what I can get. Here we go. Fun, fun dent repair.

We’ve got some progress. We have got some progress. Getting this dent up. It looks ugly still but it’s just part of the process, bringing it up and then fine-tuning it later on. Can’t believe how much I’ve got it up already. Woo-hoo. All finished. I still got to put the tail light in, but I just wanted to do a video of the dent. All done. That thing was so hard to do, took so long. Woo.